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Ok boys now this is a very smoking hot MILF, all tied up in some light rope bondage. First off I would like to say errr well its a good thing she has a nice big rack for all that rope to go around, personally I belong to the itty bitty titty comittee :) and I don't think the rope would help me much>>LOL Fetish By Anna is a bondage, nasty nylon babes, kinky lesbians, shinly latex and rubber, kinda soft/hardcore fetish site as you can see so if this floats your boat well more power to you.. personally me I like all my assest to be free of rope, since my hands like to roam ALOT I just can't seem to keep my hands to myself :)... I do however like to dress up in sexy stuff which reminds me I just ordered this hawt red leather bra and panties ;) and if your real good I might even take some pics and post them here on the site when I get them. It could take awhile since it seems everything coming from the states to Canada takes fuckin forever hell even the slow boats from China are a hell of alot faster sheesh..Ok getting off track there lets see right, This site is updated quite often with some really hot pictures of bondage and shit, and I have never seen such good quality of pictures, this site is run by a lady so you know she knows her shit and only hand picks the hottest girls for her site... so check it out some pretty interesting stuff :)


ahhh you know what to do to see the full gallery of this hot momma, if not fuck figure it out>>LOL ;)

ok enjoy the gallery and have a great weekend :)

milfbondage10.jpg milfbondage11.jpg
milfbondage12.jpg milfbondage13.jpg
milfbondage14.jpg milfbondage15.jpg
milfbondage16.jpg milfbondage17.jpg
milfbondage18.jpg milfbondage19.jpg
Fetish by Anna only good looking girls, NO men to distract you from their beauty.


Posted by Meechie on September 29, 2006 12:07 AM

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