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October 16, 2006

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Well its monday yup, and damn I hate Monday's the last few weeks have been pretty busy and I haven't had much time to update this site so Im gonna give you a bit of variety tonight while I work on a hot MILF gallery!

An amateur brunette having lesbian fun by the pool

Natural Trixie in tan nylon stockings & red pumps

Desirae in black and blue lingerie

sexy, blonde, busty Michelle in red lingerie

Sexy big tit blonde wife rides a strange dick backward cowgirl style

Wifey playing with her pussy outside

Have a good one!

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May 12, 2006


Well here it is Friday morning Im at work staring at my computer drinking coffee thinking is it 5 yet..lol I love my weekends, lets see tonight Im going to dinner and probably to see the new movie Davinci code duuh just realised it isn't out till the 19 damn ok then maybe silent hill..( Its early and I have had only 1 coffee) Then probably after that we will go back to my place (home-his weekend home) have some drinks, and watch the new porn movie he brought me. LIke he does most weekend (what a good boyfriend) He asked me what I would like to see so I said threesomes, lets mix it up a bit I want to see some girl/girl/guy and guy/guy/girl, the first one is most mens fantasy right boys? the second is most girls ok well I can't vouch for most girls but I can say it is one of mine that I regularily fantacize while I play with myself. HEHE the only problem with that one ever coming true is most men think its taboo to have another man near them or the possibility of touching eachother during sex with the woman never mind in actually doing something together.. Honestly guys have an open mind its really exciting to see two men touch eachother, there are alot of bi men out there who dont actually want to have penetration just touching it can be very sensual and such a turn on for all and because alot think that is so taboo that is what is so exciting about it..And I know for a fact that all men think about some kind of sexual contact with another man, most don't act on it..some do Just like all women think about being with another women go ahead and deny it..haha but your only lying to yourself..and you are perfectly normal in thinking this way it just means your healthy
Also just want to say to the guys who know they are BI and are in a relationship with a woman, if you haven't told her, you should have a really long talk to her about it, honestly women are more open minded than men..If you don't tell her she WILL find out eventually and it will ruin your relationship..IF you really LOVE her put trust in her to tell her.. If you don't your just living a lie, you will be surprised at how most women (ok I can speak for most women over 30 not sure about the younger ones) will listen and eventually understand.. Hell I think it would be a bonus..haha.. Ok one more thing on this subject since I opened this can of worms, DO NOT look for other men to hook up with behind her back on dating sites and crap thinking its ok because your not actually with another women.. HAHA thats fucked up thinking cheating is cheating no matter what whether with a woman or a man.
Hell she might be as open as me and think its a bonus too..IF you feel the need to act on your BI side include your woman she will love it don't go behind her back..HOLLY Shit how did I get on this subject? damn it was that threesome porn movie thing..LOL sorry guys..How do I know so much on this, I have had alot of GAY and BI friends through out my life and I have seen the mess and help pick up the pieces from GUYS and GIRLS who decided not to tell there partners, nobody wins in the end, atleast if you tell them and they leave then you know they were not worth it..Damn I should be the next DR RUTH>>LOL need advice just email me>>LOL im pretty good at it.
ok maybe im weird but hey if my B.F was BI I could be a happy girl and have two men and have my fantasy come true..hehehehehe sorry to be such a long post, but I like to pass on personal expierences sometimes no matter what the subject, If I helped someone and there partner to make there relationship better than it was all worth it...

Ok now that I probably turned you all off.>>except for myself I just turned me on more..LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLlL Im gonna heat you up again with my new HOT WIFE her name Is AMI trust me after you see AMI your cocks will stand right back up and forget all that other stuff I said..LOL Ami has over 40,000 personal photos in hundreds of different galleries, such as hardcore sex, blowjobs, facials, eyecum, cumshots, creampies, swinging, girl-girl action, solo, using toys, fetishes, themes, and more!
she has huge titties, 34DD-23-34 just enough to sink your cock deep between them and gently thrust until your so hard and just can't hold back anymore, then blow your load all over her huge funbags..getting warm now..shit I know I am.. Her FREE tour is filled with lots of high rez pictures and video clips to get a preview of all the good stuff inside her site. I could go on and on about her site since its been up and running since 1996 but I guess you will have to check it ouf for yourself.

I've always loved getting naked and receiving sexual attention from both men and women alike, when I first started my site and realized how many people were enjoying my sexuality I was thrilled, and got even more excited about what everyone would think about the next set of photos or video clip.


Ami Amateur milf fucking her pussy

have a great weeknd
I know I will

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