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Scientists now say they have proof that men have sex on the brain literally
They say that extensive tests were not enough to prove this fact. But when accompanied by a catscan, they now say that this is sufficient enough to prove there findings.


Warning Ladies

When we were little girls, we wanted dolls and friends. As we grow and turn into teens we trade in our dolls for lipstick, makeup, boyfriends and parties. in our 20’s we start looking for husbands to have children with because everyone else is and we don’t know any better. Once the kids come and start growing up we look at our husbands and wonder good grief what the hell was I drinking or smoking when I agreed to marry this guy. So then we do what most of the population does, we get divorced and kick their sorry asses to the curb because we realize that all though they were willing to contribute to our cause at that time they now no longer appeal to us.

So now that brings us to the start of the best time of our lives when we hit our 30’s and our sexual peak kicks in. I don’t know about anyone else but I love being 30+.
Now a whole new need for us women over 30 kicks in, we need to be sexually satisfied and find someone who can fulfill this request. So the hunt is on to find a Partner or special someone who cannot only satisfy us sexually but who can keep up with our needs and wants in bed, and is at our level of maturity and intellect. Now guys don’t get all excited when you meet a woman who is over 30 and has kids, and think that were all just looking for a fuck or someone to step in and take over the daddy role. Im not saying there are not women out there like that, but for most of us myself included were looking for a partner or a special someone for ourselves to enjoy.

Ok so here comes the warning part, Now every man out there is willing to give this a go to help us with our needs, but not all of them can rise up to the cause (no pun intended) And some of us are lucky to find someone who has all of these qualities.(like myself who was lucky to find someone that fufills all my needs and then some)But then there are women out there who are not so lucky and they find themselves test driving alot of specimens to fulfill all there requests. Unfortunately some of these specimens cannot keep up with the ladies in there peaks and find themselves purchasing Viagara to help keep there cocks harder for our enjoyment and many orgasms that we long to have.
Ok guys so if your going to take the little blue pill to help fulfill your ladies requests remember DO NOT DRINK ALCHOL while taking these pills or you will end up like the poor guy in this picture, and thats just when he is taking a piss just imagine the outcome if you were to orgasm either in us or in our mouth while we are giving you the best blow job in your life. You know that slogan JUST IMAGINE well do I need to say more?


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