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My Sexy MILF Valentine

Naughty Julie is going to heat you up with a sexy gallery for Valentines day which is only 9 days away :)… Soooooooo if you have a g.f or wife and you need some good ideas maybe to spice up the sex life or a little somethin somethin for her check out the toys dept for adult. Toys for her
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Just remember you better not run around last minute looking for something, make sure you atleast put an hour into searching for something cause your STEAK & BLOWJOB day is on March 14 th and if you don’t get her something nice well then I can gurantee your not getting a steak..and the blowjob well that is out of the question don’t even ask..LOL the only place for you is on the couch ;)…hehehe

Happy Valentine’s Day! I want to thank all the members who sent me cards and little gifts for the holiday 🙂 It was so sweet to read your words. A girl can never have enough Valentine Lovers, can she?? A few of the cards were really hot, one member sent some pictures of himself and his wife fucking – wow! You know who you are…with your hottie little chick 😉 The photos had me so turned on I had to get off right there in the hallway.

For this Valentines occasion I had dressed up in a frilly sheer red outfit with pink ribbons. Along with it I wore a red satin robe and one of my favorite pairs of high heels, the ones with the clear heels and sexy girl in glitter. I even made my hair all cute and curly for you! I thought I would arrange some of the Valentine gifts here in the hallway so I could open them all at once. Plus seeing all these sweet things around me made me feel more than a little sexy.

Starting off with a sexy little striptease, I made sure to add some sweet glances and poses. It’s Valentine’s Day, why not do some flirting, hmm? Looking coyly over my shoulder, I was imagining seducing you. So why not kick it up a bit? I laid back on the floor and put my legs in the air. Let me show you exactly how I imagine fucking you here in the hallway, my legs thrown over your shoulder as you pound my little pussy.

Why wait for the bed when a wet, throbbing pussy needs fucking?? Picking up one of the tasty chocolates a member had sent, I lean back and think about your stiff dick as I sink my finger into my juicy wet cunt. Mmm the sweet taste of chocolate and your dick sliding inside me. Fuck yes!!

Thank you to my cupids, luv and kisses all over ya!

xoxo Julie


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Rub – A – Dub – Dub Three Milfs in a tub

I got together with two of my favorite fuck buddies again! I really think you’re gonna like what happens when Sammy, Lori, and I jump into the bath tub to clean up after having a little all girl three way action. After spending most of the afternoon licking away at each other we fell asleep in the bedroom. When we woke up we decided to take a bath together before getting dressed and heading out to one of the local clubs in search of some cock. Well, before we left the tub we had all gotten off at least one more time.

I can’t even begin to count the number of orgasms I had that day. I guess that’s what happens when you have two hot girls lapping away at your pussy for the better part of 24 hours. Oh yeah, and that doesn’t even factor in all the cock I got later in the evening. Honestly, if I had to guess I would say that I may possibly have came more times that particular day than I ever have before. Between all the pussy eating, cock sucking and fucking I was exhausted! You know how well you sleep at night when you ve had a really good workout at the gym? Well, multiply that by about 10!

Anyway, it was such an incredible day that I can’t wait to do it again! I was chatting with Lori about getting together with her and Sammy for another all day lick-a-thon. Of course she was game so we started the planning! I was so fucking horny just thinking about it that I started to finger myself as I told Lori about what I had in mind. I didn’t realize it but apparently I was breathing pretty heavily into the phone and Lori figured out what I was doing.

She actually asked, Allie are you masturbating? When I told her I was she laughed and said, That’s too funny because I was having an overwhelming urge to grab one of my vibrators but I figured you would hear. Fuck it, I’m getting it right now! So we spent the next 20 minutes or so basically having phone sex. Hey you can’t blame a girl for getting herself off every chance she gets, can you?

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MILF Julie- Mile High Club

Do you remember the time I got that tour of the private jet hangar and wound up masturbating myself into a frenzy right inside a plane? Well, I told Jon about it and he was curious to know more. I started to explain it to him, but then I figured it might be better if I just showed him 😉 I arranged another visit to the sexy jets I loved so much, this time a tour for two, please!

Once we got inside one of the aircraft, I whispered to him, “Wouldn’t it be HOT if we fucked right here, right now?!” Not surprisingly, the idea turned Jon on too (who woulda guessed, right? lol) So I pulled his pants off right there in the plane. His cock looked too tasty, I had to take it in my mouth and get it all stiff for me. Playing with his balls with one hand, I stroked his prick with the other as my mouth sucked him inside again and again.

Hoping to get good and lucky, I hadn’t worn any panties under my dress, so I pulled it up and unbuttoned the top to let my tits free. I bent over the cabin’s seat, a seatbelt under my hand. Jon came up behind me with his big swollen dick and pushed it deep inside me. Soon he was spanking me, grabbing at my ass as his cock pounded my tight hole. We turned over into missionary so I could rub my clit as he punished my cunt with his big prick some more.

Damn it was so deep! I love that fine line between pleasure and pain, and each time he slammed into me it was a combination of the two. Fuck yes! We weren’t done yet. Jon sat down in one of the chairs and I lowered my pussy right onto his waiting man meat. It was still glistening with my juices. “Oh yeah, play with my clit and make me cum. Make me cum on that cock” I begged Jon.

Faster I bounced up and down on him until I was screaming out in climax, “Mmmm yeahhhh!” But I wasn’t oging to be satisfied until I had a face full of cum out of Jon. “I think I need to suck you” I said. Jon reclined on the full seat as I knelt in front of him, sucking hard and spitting on his dick. It wasn’t long before I heard Jon say, “Here it cums, open up your mouth!”

That’s exactly what I did as a big spurt of white cream erupted from his cock. Smiling and giggling I licked up every last drop with my tongue and fingers. I love the taste of cum! Our little fantasy sure worked out well, hehe!!

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Naughty Julie- Boating BJ

In the hot summer in Chicago, Jon and I enjoy going down to the harbors and hanging out on our friends boats. The cool breeze off the water is really refreshing. One day we went down to lay out in the sun and just hang out at the dock. It was a weekday and not many people were out on their boats, even though there was plenty of traffic and people on the bicycle trail nearby.

Jon and I started messing around, threatening we were going to pull each others clothes off in front of all the people. “Hey I have a better idea” I said, “What if I were to give you a BLOWJOB, right here, with all these cars and people going by?!” Jon got an evil grin on his face and said, “You know those people up in those high rise buildings could look down and see us right?” I laughed, because that’s even better!

I got things going by leaning back and playing with my pussy beneath my bikini. We could hear the traffic behind us and people walking by, but we didn’t care. I kept rubbing my clit and watched the bulge in Jon’s shorts growing. I worked my bikini top off, right out in the open, and laid across the floor to pull Jon’s cock into my mouth. It was semi hard already, but I worked my lips and tongue over the tip, coaxing it into a full hard on.

With my hand stroking his rock hard prick and my mouth massaging every inch, I couldn’t wait to taste Jon’s load. I was determined to get every last drop. Faster and harder I sucked and stroked. Jon was looking at my butt in the pink thong and staring at me drooling over his big rod. I could tell he was getting close. Which only made me jerk his meat harder. I looked him dead in the eye as he squirted white creamy droplets of cum over my mouth.

Yummmm, hot fun drinking cum in the sun. Yes!!!

xoxo Julie

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Hot Wife Threesome

My girlfriend Kelli and I got this great room in Las Vegas for a weekend of partying. Right before we left home I checked my emails and saw one from my friend Michelle Lay. She was just writing to say hello and tell me that she was taking a vacation in Vegas too. I couldn’t believe it! Michelle is so much fun to hang out with, and we always end up in bed together, cumming good and hard. Suddenly I realized how much fun it would be introduce Michelle to Kelli. I had a feeling these two hotties would hit it off, and I just had to be there to watch them fuck!

When we arrived at the hotel I gave Michelle a call. She came right over, and when I opened the door she burst in. Michelle is such a ball of energy, she had me and Kelli smiling and laughing in no time. Kelli and I hadn’t had a chance to unpack, so we had put on the hotel’s robes over our lingerie. As we all sat down on the bed to chat, Kelli’s robe fell open to one side exposing her lacy pink negligee. Michelle said, “Oh that’s so cute let’s see the whole outfit!” And Kelli dropped her robe on the floor. Michelle reached down and unbuttoned her blouse. “Want to see mine too?” she teased. I pulled off my robe while Michelle worked herself out of her pants and showed us her sexy black lace bra and panty set.

Before you could blink all three of us were touching eachother, pulling at one another’s lingerie. It was instant chemistry and sexual heat. Sometimes it was hard to tell which hottie was kissing or licking you where! After a few minutes of serious pawing at eachother, I told Kelli I needed some hardcore fucking. She grinned and leaned over to get her big bag from under the bed. She pulled out my favorite strap on! I didn’t even know she had brought it along! while Kelli pulled the dildo onto her hips and ass and tightened the straps, Michelle was saying, “oh yeah I want to see you fuck her good and hard Kelli!”

I bent over doggie style and offered my ass and pussy up to Kelli’s rubber dick. Michelle put her sweet slit right in my face and I could resist. Licking her pussy lips, Kelli worked the toy deep into my waiting cunt. She was grabbing at my ass and hips to drive the cock into my juicy hole. I was moaning with pleasure and Michelle was breathing hard as I licked her clit. By now Kelli was jamming her plastic rod into my pussy. Harder and harder she pounded away at me. I loved it!

But what I really wanted was to ride it. I asked Kelli to lay back on the bed and climbed onto her thick cock in reverse cowgirl style. By now I was so close to cumming over her! Easing my pussy onto the toy, Michelle stood over me and offered her wet slit to my mouth while I worked my cunt up and down over the dildo. Licking her box while I fucked Kelli harder and faster, we were all moaning loudly. It wasn’t long before Michelle couldn’t take it and she yelled out “Oh yeah I’m cumming, I’m cumming so hard!!!” My face was dripping with her juices. Yum.

I kept fucking Kelli hard, rocking my hips over her rubber cock. Michelle moved down and said, “I think Kelli needs some attention too.” As I fucked Kelli’s strapon, Michelle ran her tongue over Kelli’s juicy slit and clit. The sight was too much for me to bear and I slammed down on the toy with my wet cunt, dying to cum all over it. “Fuck yes, Oh fuck, fuuuck!” I screamed in ecstacy as my pussy contracted over the toy. It was a huge, wet orgasm.

We went on like this all night! When you introduce three naughty girls, wild things happen!



Santa’s Little Sluts

Do you ever get the feeling Santa might need something more than cookies and milk on his busy Christmas Eve? Allie and I decided the big guy might enjoy some girl on girl action this year. Underneath the red suit, he’s just a man, after all. And all the guys we know love lesbian sex! We dressed up in our sexy Santa suits and waited under the Christmas tree. But looking at Allie’s big tits and tight ass in that hot outfit had me feeling impatient.

It looked like Allie was feeling the same way. We were all over each other, kissing, sucking one another’s tits. I love the feeling of Allie’s nipples all hard in my mouth. Especially when I’m cupping her full breast in my hand at the same time. The only thing I love more is tasting her pussy. My tongue running along her slit lips, all the way up to her clit. Such a delicious little Pussy! 😉

Luckily Allie is just as big a pussy lover as I am. Her hot mouth feels absolutely incredible over my clit. You can see how hard it gets for her! I had almost forgotten the last present stashed under the tree. When we found it, we knew we had to unwrap it at once. A big double ended dildo! Perfect! Enough cock for both our hungry pussies. We fucked it so hard and deep that our asses bounced against each other.

Pounding, slapping, slamming the dick toy into our wet holes! God yes I was going to cum. And Allie was screaming out that she would cum too. We both cried out as we climaxed at the same time, our pink fuck holes stuffed with the giant rubber dick.

I hope Santa saw us being Naughty this year, it’s a Merry XXXmas for all 😉

xoxo Julie



Tuesday’s hot Milf gallery’s

Ok I know I have been really behind in posting lately, but I have been away on holidays… I shipped the kids off to camp and I needed a bit of a break myself. Spent some time In Ontario with the b.f went to Niagara falls he played poker while I met people and got drunk..LOL story of my life. I met this one really nice lady from Chicago, her hubby was playing poker as well so we kinda hung out and drank. I have a few pics but some of them are kinda out of focus must of been hung over..

this is a pic of the maid of the mist coming back from the falls

and this is the US side of the falls.. the canadian side pic didn’t turn out..

Ok now on to the Hot MILF gallery’s

candy giving a great blowjob then taking a load of hot cum on her tits

hot wife Rio posing in white skirt and top with matching panties and thigh high stockings

hot wife kari in purple hot pants stripping down and playing with her pussy

naughty Julie in her red dominatrix outfit spreading her tight pink pussy

Enjoy your gallery’s guys.. and if you have any special requests of something you want to see on my site
email me and let me know meechie

Have a great tuesday

Naughty Julie

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