Desirae & Sara-Naughty At Home

Hot Desirae and her Friend Sara love to lick eachothers pussy’s, then Sara lets Desirae fuck her senseless with her huge strap on cock.


Desirae is one hot Milf it is because of her, Sammy 4 U and hot wife Rio that I have been thinking of taking up women on the side..LOL Before I started doing this website I use to think their is no way in hell
I am going to lick another woman’s pussy, but I might let another women go down on me..
Now after doing this site for awhile and watching these women I find myself actually getting turned on at the possibility of licking another pussy. I sometimes fantasize about being with another women when I masturbate, and lately it seems I have been doing that allot. I have read each of these 3 women’s sites from front to back literally. I can relate to them at living in my own little world and not being open to new things sexually in the beginning. But over the last few years since I have met a great man who has showed me what sex was all about and how to open my mind to new things it has been amazing. I know I always use to think about talking dirty in bed, trying new things,
and just to let myself go and say fuck it ask for what you want.. I guess like most women my age allot of our prude ness stems back to our childhood when our fathers use to tell us don’t do this or men will think you’re a slut. It took me a long time to get over that and with the help of one man I no longer think that way. I guess unless you’re a woman it’s really hard to understand.. but guys that’s why allot of women in their 30’s are a little timid when it comes to sex and being able to express ourselves through love making and sex. I have met allot of women who told me they didn’t come out of their shells until their mid 30’s.
when they said they were to old to give a shit anymore..LOL or like most of us found younger men who taught us how to open up and let go.
Over the last two years I feel like I have been released of all this pressure and I don’t really give a fuck, If I want something Im going to ask for it, If I want to fuck his brains out on the kitchen table I will tell him exactly where, when and how I want to be fucked and I love it.. I can be as slutty or innocent as I want while im fucking him and it turns him on.. especially when I talk really dirty 😉 Im also able to have more than one orgasm in a night hehee,and im also in the process of trying to learn how to squirt..hey if anyone knows where I can download seymours squirting tutorial let me know..*thumbs up* I want to try everything and anything *insert wicked laugh here* damn I need some smileys on here..
So now I know that men don’t think were slutty when we get down n dirty in the bedroom it actually turns them on when there women turn into little sex kittens..hehehehe anyways like I was saying about licking pussy, Iam going to give it a try and have sex with another woman one day and yes my b.f. will be their watching, me get off by another women. Hmm maybe this summer :).. I know one person who will be a very happy boy reading this post tonight>>LOL and I have a little message for him..keep your hands off ur dick tonight its mine tomorrow..hehehhe
ok now that I am so totally wet and I am going to have to play with myself again. *sigh*
I better finish this post off before I finish myself off …hehehehe

enjoy this really hot gallery of Desirae and her friend with a movie clip at the end of their little fuck session.
These ladies sites are full of this movies and pictures of all there sex lives, and it is really amazing stuff they have in there.. they put so much TLC into them that you can’t do anything but get horny and excited over these ladies, and the fact that there pictures and movies are all home made, not made in a studio with a whole crew around like allot of other sites, but done in their own homes. Take the tour of their sites, you won’t regret it, so much to see …:)

ok im off to have some fun 😉 and I know exactly who I will be thinking of when Im playing with my toy tonight 😉

p.s ooops forgot you know what to do if you want to see this hot gallery
yep thats right click on the continue link below 😉

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