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Bang My Step MoM – Victoria Valentino

Victoria is on her 2nd Marriage, she moves into the new hubby’s home and while he is at work and she at the store, Hubby’s 25 yr old son comes over to take full advantage of an empty home since he knows dad is at work. Victoria comes home to find this young handsome man in her home, she has not met the son yet until now and Eric has no idea his dad got married to a fine piece of ass. She is young, with a tiny waist a perfect ass and huge natural boobs. After a month of avoiding her he finds himself alone with her,She is always around and Eric has even found himself unable to talk to her without jacking off.

Eric find out that She is unhappy about the fact that his dad is away on business alot. Victoria decides to get to know her knew stepson a little better. She seduces him in sexy lingerie allowing him to fondle her huge tits before fucking him like he’s never been screwed before and now he is getting what dear old dad has been getting… some fine MILF pussy!



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