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CAROL COX- most downloaded MILF on the net!

Welcome to the longest running, most complete, adult hard-core sex site on the Internet! Her site has been offering her personal brand of explicit XXX imagery for over twelve (12) years, and she is still going strong. This is more than just a sex site – it’s an actual community of like-minded individuals that share Carols love of sex in all forms.
Carol is a natural, blue-eyed blond & quite petite, 4’11” and 95 lbs.. and her breasts are 34B-23-34 and real.
Of course being a Canadian and a Montrealer she is high on my list of hot MILFS…I have been told by many of ppl not from montreal of course that this is where all the beautiful women live. 😉
Carols site is pretty unique from most of the solo milf sites, she actually has get togethers with friends and members. Here is what she says on this :

There are always special events planned for Carol’s Club House Members! They can be special parties, massive gang-bangs, special RoseCam shows, or just small get-togethers with my friends. Whether you’re watching them live and in person from my home or my studios, or live on the ‘net from my site, or even from my archives of past events, you will be totally entertained! Every Friday, you can find me hanging out at a local West Island bar here in Montreal. I’m there from 6:00PM to at least 9:00PM, and it is the perfect place to meet me. It is a public place, so needless to say nothing sexual goes on or will ever go on, it’s just a place to meet and hang out. We usually go someplace afterward for some sexual fun, and that is typically to my place. But I will warn you that only my friends and website members are invited over to my place, just another fun perk of membership.
If you really want to have sex with me, I do need to meet you first just to make sure we even like each other. As long as we hit it off, I have no problem at all sucking and fucking you, and doing whatever nasty thing you like!
I make myself available every Friday to meet, and if you are serious, you will make it. If I like you, and we have the chance, I may fuck you that very first night. Or, it may be at some other time. The thing is, I don’t plan, I just let it happen

You can find out more on her site by clicking on the events button. Her site has been online for a very long time so it is filled with more pics and videos than you probably could watch in a year ..And of course I am providing a hot gallery of her doing one of her long time members.



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