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Naughty Allie Does Members of her site

Well, let me just tell you that my pussy started to throb and I got soaking wet at the very thought of exposing myself to the public via the Internet. I ran straight into my bedroom and grabbed a huge black dildo and proceeded to fuck my pussy into one of the best fucking orgasms I’ve ever experienced. Speaking of masturbation, I really need to get off at least 4 or 5 times a day to be completely satisfied so I’m constantly masturbating or getting fucked by a nice thick cock (or 2, or 4, or more – oops that’s a different story). Anyway, I figured the members of my site would love to watch all of this hot action so I set-up a bunch of live 24/7 streaming voyeur cams all over my house.

Now they can spy on me and my swinger friends anytime they’re feeling a little horny. It’s really cool because you never know what you may end up seeing. You may drop in on me right in the middle of one of my famous orgy parties or you may stop by just in time to see me taking a huge facial cum shot from one of my favorite cocks. I guess you probably would like to know the story behind this homemade video of mine so, here ya go…..

These clips are from a movie that I’ve titled: “GROUP SEX WITH MEMBERS OF MY SITE”.

If you’ve been coming to my members only cam chats lately then these two hotties will need no introduction. However, for the benefit of those who are unable to make it to the chats please allow me to introduce Ashley and Brian. They’ve been members of my site for quite a while now and we had been flirting back and forth for several months before we finally decided to hook-up in real life. Luckily these guys aren’t camera shy so I’m able to post all the pictures and videos we took during their visit…..Make sure you check out my site to see this entire video, as well as all my other personal x-rated private home movies, a ton of my naughty photos, erotic stories, live cam shows, streaming voyeur cams, and personal blog diary updated daily!

~Kisses, Allie

Santa’s Little Nympho!

So let me ask you this does everyone have there special MILF to celebrate new years with? if not well there is still time to find one! Even if you don’t want to date her, now a days most of them are just looking for a good fuck and party check out the hot N horny Milfs below maybe one might catch your eye that you would just love to sink your teeth into or your dick 😉 haha!

Now that you checked out the hot MILFS on to our chirstmas Nymph Allie!

I get a lot of requests for role playing pictures so I thought I’d get a little creative and do a naughty little santa scene. I am Santa’s helper and my job is to make sure each house is ready prior to Santa’s arrival. The house has to be clear of anything that could get in Santa’s way and everyone has to be asleep in bed. I was on my way from the North Pole to the first house on my list when I started feeling the warmth between my thighs again.

Before I left to begin my duties, I had accidentally walked in on Santa as he was pleasuring himself. I was so embarrassed I just slammed the door closed and immediately left the North Pole to begin my rounds. What I saw in that very brief moment was now permanently etched in my memory. It was so shocking and I couldn’t believe it but, Santa was equipped with the biggest cock I had ever seen. I started plotting in my naughty little mind how I would be able to get Santa to fuck me. That’s all I thought about the entire way to my first house of the evening. By the time I got there I was so damn horny and I could not stop thinking about Santa’s incredibly huge dick.

I had made it to the first house and I was making sure everything was all clear for Santa when I found a rather large candy cane lying next to the fireplace. I snatched it right up and imagined it was Santa’s big prick. I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck it.

I really wanted his huge cock and my pussy was soaking wet just thinking about it. I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes. I began to pretend the candy cane was Santa’s cock.

Oh, if only it was really Santa. I would take him deep inside me and after he shot his load in my pussy I would lick our juices off of his throbbing cane.

I had gotten myself so horny and I was growing tired of just pretending with my candy cane. I pulled my panties to the side to have a look at my wet pussy. I stripped them off and tossed them across the room so that I could indulge my cravings.

My body heat was rising fast and the only thing on my mind was Santa’s cock. I sat down and spread my legs wide for my candy cane. I knew I couldn’t have Santa that night so I decided the candy cane would have to do for now. I took that thing and shoved it into my tight wet pussy without a moment’s hesitation. Ohhhh, it felt so good.

I rammed it in and out of my pussy as I fantasized that it was really Santa on top of me pounding my wet hole. I couldn’t stop fucking myself. I flipped the candy cane around so that the hook was in my pussy pushing up against my G-spot as I sucked my pussy juice from the other end. Mmmmmm, yummy!

I just kept thrusting that thing in and out of my pussy as I imagined having Santa sliding in and out of me. My legs were spread wide open taking it as deep as I possibly could and I wasn’t going to stop until I came.

One final thrust deep into my hole and I started cumming. I pulled my legs back even farther as I came all over the candy cane. I wanted to scream out loud in pure ecstasy but I was afraid that I’d wake the family sleeping at this house. I couldn’t stop thinking about that big cock of Santa’s even after I had gotten off. I just wanted to have him so badly.

I was still too horny to get back to my duties so I placed two fingers inside me with the hope of getting off one last time before Santa showed up at this house. With my fingers inside my hot little hole I began to vigorously massage my G-spot. In no time at all I was having another orgasm. Never in my life had one cock made me so horny.

Although I knew that I was laying naked in someone else’s home I couldn’t bring myself to get up and get back to work. I was just lying there day dreaming about the cock that I so desperately wanted. All I could do was smile and think that one day I would have it.

I couldn’t wait until the night was over so I could see Santa back at the North Pole. I spent the rest of the evening plotting how I could get Santa to do me without Mrs. Clause finding out.

What a happy little helper I was. I finally gathered the energy to get dressed and be on my way to the next house. I really hope no one heard me in that house but there was no way I could have made it through that long night without getting off first. Maybe I should have washed the candy cane off before I left? But I didn’t, I left it for Santa. Maybe he will pick up on my horny scent and he’ll be ready to fuck the hell out of me when we get back to the North Pole.

~Kisses, Allie

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Naughty Allie- Breakfast Of Champs!

I had just gotten out of bed and was about to start my day with a well-balanced breakfast. I always have a good breakfast in the morning just before I leave for the gym.

I had already poured my favorite cereal into the bowl and was about to cover it with some nice cold milk.

I made my way over to the fridge to find that Jake had finished off the milk before we went to bed last night. I looked up and down the fridge and searched behind everything, definitely no milk in there!

Now I was fucking pissed. I was so damn hungry and I didn’t have time to run to the store without fucking up my whole day. I had almost decided to go without breakfast but, as I stood there starring at my bowl of dry cereal I had a great idea.

Since Jake hadn’t left yet I knew he’d be able to help me out. He owed me anyway, I can’t believe he drank the last of the milk without even letting me know. Anyway, I told him to bring his ass into the the kitchen because I had a plan to get my damn milk!

I pointed to my cereal bowl and told him I needed some milk and I needed it now. I got a little more comfortable so I could help him get the milk ready for me. I thought maybe the sight of my big tits would get the milk production started more quickly.

I didn’t have anytime to waste so I grabbed his cock and went right to work milking it. I wanted to make sure that his special milk would be chock full of protein so I gave him one hell of a cock sucking.

It didn’t take long before I could taste that precious pre-cum and I knew I’d be getting my special milk at any moment. I wanted to be sure and get every last drop on my cereal so I held my bowl right under his cock.

His aim was perfect as he filled my bowl. Just in time too because I was so fucking hungry by this point. I immediately filled my spoon with cereal covered in Jake’s special milk. Ummmmm, yummy, it tasted so good. In fact, I was so glad I didn’t go to the store to buy milk because this “home-made” milk was so much better.

I couldn’t wait to get to the gym, I just knew my workout was going to be very productive after having had such a high protein breakfast. MMMMMM, what more could a girl possibly ask for?

I gobbled up every last drop and I barely paused to take a breath until I’d cleaned my entire bowl.

Now that’s what I call “the breakfast of champions“. Every girl needs to start the day with a breakfast like that. Thanks Jake!



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