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MILF Julie- Mile High Club

Do you remember the time I got that tour of the private jet hangar and wound up masturbating myself into a frenzy right inside a plane? Well, I told Jon about it and he was curious to know more. I started to explain it to him, but then I figured it might be better if I just showed him 😉 I arranged another visit to the sexy jets I loved so much, this time a tour for two, please!

Once we got inside one of the aircraft, I whispered to him, “Wouldn’t it be HOT if we fucked right here, right now?!” Not surprisingly, the idea turned Jon on too (who woulda guessed, right? lol) So I pulled his pants off right there in the plane. His cock looked too tasty, I had to take it in my mouth and get it all stiff for me. Playing with his balls with one hand, I stroked his prick with the other as my mouth sucked him inside again and again.

Hoping to get good and lucky, I hadn’t worn any panties under my dress, so I pulled it up and unbuttoned the top to let my tits free. I bent over the cabin’s seat, a seatbelt under my hand. Jon came up behind me with his big swollen dick and pushed it deep inside me. Soon he was spanking me, grabbing at my ass as his cock pounded my tight hole. We turned over into missionary so I could rub my clit as he punished my cunt with his big prick some more.

Damn it was so deep! I love that fine line between pleasure and pain, and each time he slammed into me it was a combination of the two. Fuck yes! We weren’t done yet. Jon sat down in one of the chairs and I lowered my pussy right onto his waiting man meat. It was still glistening with my juices. “Oh yeah, play with my clit and make me cum. Make me cum on that cock” I begged Jon.

Faster I bounced up and down on him until I was screaming out in climax, “Mmmm yeahhhh!” But I wasn’t oging to be satisfied until I had a face full of cum out of Jon. “I think I need to suck you” I said. Jon reclined on the full seat as I knelt in front of him, sucking hard and spitting on his dick. It wasn’t long before I heard Jon say, “Here it cums, open up your mouth!”

That’s exactly what I did as a big spurt of white cream erupted from his cock. Smiling and giggling I licked up every last drop with my tongue and fingers. I love the taste of cum! Our little fantasy sure worked out well, hehe!!

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Naughty Julie- Boating BJ

In the hot summer in Chicago, Jon and I enjoy going down to the harbors and hanging out on our friends boats. The cool breeze off the water is really refreshing. One day we went down to lay out in the sun and just hang out at the dock. It was a weekday and not many people were out on their boats, even though there was plenty of traffic and people on the bicycle trail nearby.

Jon and I started messing around, threatening we were going to pull each others clothes off in front of all the people. “Hey I have a better idea” I said, “What if I were to give you a BLOWJOB, right here, with all these cars and people going by?!” Jon got an evil grin on his face and said, “You know those people up in those high rise buildings could look down and see us right?” I laughed, because that’s even better!

I got things going by leaning back and playing with my pussy beneath my bikini. We could hear the traffic behind us and people walking by, but we didn’t care. I kept rubbing my clit and watched the bulge in Jon’s shorts growing. I worked my bikini top off, right out in the open, and laid across the floor to pull Jon’s cock into my mouth. It was semi hard already, but I worked my lips and tongue over the tip, coaxing it into a full hard on.

With my hand stroking his rock hard prick and my mouth massaging every inch, I couldn’t wait to taste Jon’s load. I was determined to get every last drop. Faster and harder I sucked and stroked. Jon was looking at my butt in the pink thong and staring at me drooling over his big rod. I could tell he was getting close. Which only made me jerk his meat harder. I looked him dead in the eye as he squirted white creamy droplets of cum over my mouth.

Yummmm, hot fun drinking cum in the sun. Yes!!!

xoxo Julie

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